Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A busy couple of days

getting help stomping down packing
its good to see familiar  things
More boxes
We are slowly but surely settling in.  The truck came early Monday morning and unloaded everything.  The guys were great, and put beds together before they left.  We unpacked most of the boxes by Monday evening, because the movers came back on Tuesday and hauled away boxes and paper.  We didn't want to have to worry with the recycling.  Things are slowly finding a place to live.  And honestly, it has gone smoother than I thought.  Yesterday, Hubby, Baby Girl and I went to the Commune to be the process of registering to live in the city.  Today a police man came to our house to look at passports and to be sure we were living where we said we would be.  Nice enough man, I just don't know any French.

Lots of boxes!
Baby Girl and I also put Number one Son on the high speed train to Paris this morning from Brussels.  He is meeting a high school buddy there, and then they are both coming back to Waterloo Friday.  I have to say I am proud of myself maneuvering through the Brussels train station, and finding our way back to Waterloo.

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  1. who the heck is Mike meeting in Paris today? How cool!!! Glad to hear you are getting settled in Kathy!