Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Amsterdam...part 1

Sunday I drove the kids to Amsterdam.  It really was a nice drive...not terribly crowded roadways and it was very scenic.  Then we got to Amsterdam...Saturday had been the GayPride Parade and there was so many people walking along the streets and trash filled sidewalks.  We found the parking lot I meant to get to, but then things were not great.  I have no sense of direction, and we actually went north out of the parking garage instead of south to walk the several blocks to our hotel.  The GPS on my phone wouldn't work and no one else had service either.

The line waiting to get into the Museum.
We did find the hotel, after having to ask strangers two different times, which I have no problem with.  It was just so frustrating to be lost, in a very strange feeling city.  We weren't in the red light district, but still plenty of sex shops, bars and marijuana coffee houses, so it was uncomfortable for me and the kids.
 Monday we went to the Van Gogh Museum and on a Canal Cruise.  It was good!

Canal as we are walking to  the Van Gogh
The building in the back is the Riks.  We didn't go into
this one to see the Night Watch...saw that in 1985.
This is our hotel from the Canal Cruise.  The two windows
on the left behind the street light are mine and
Baby Girls room.
People live in house boats along some of
the waterways.

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