Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have hinted to some of you my frustrations with the appliances in the house.  They are all in good working order, I just don't have much of clue as how to set them.  The first few days, the washer was taking over 2 hours to do a load.  I adjusted the temp, and it is closer to an hour and half now to wash.
First step...I don't prewash or exrta rinse
I go with 30 degrees, figuring it uses the least energy
This the one that drives me crazy.  The orange
line spins around and makes a ticking sound.
Sometimes it buzzes, I haven't figured out the reason
for the spinning or the buzzing at the beginning of
drying and it is not consistent.  
This the dryer.  Left in on/off, Right is open the door.
I press number 2, sometimes add 7 for the extra 15 minutes.


  1. Holy Cow that is mind boggling. I would have to google translate everything or just not do housework :)

  2. Well what an interesting way you have found to learn Dutch!!