Sunday, July 29, 2012

We are here!

First thing, when I logged onto blogger, it was in Dutch.  So I hope this post goes out in English.  We arrived Friday morning after a very long flight.  We ended up sitting on the run way for about 2 hours because of a thunderstorm moving into NY City. Luckily, I had some hand stitching I could work on.

Snowman table runner
  We are staying in the home of one of Bob's co-workers and it is very lovely and comfortable.  We have shopped, looked at our house, eaten yummy food and I have driven my car.  One thing we have not done much of is sleep.  We are all really out of whack with the jet lag.  We were all awake until 2:30 am, and then just sleeping intermittenly.  Hopefully tonight we will be better on schedule.

Grocery store

Ready to shop
In the kitchen cabinet in our house.
I know the top two Sugar and salt,
not sure about the rest.
44.58 Euros is about $56.00

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