Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back in Belgium

I went back to the US for about 12 days.  I got to see my son, meet his roommate, see his dorm room, go to a ISU football game, shop with my son and feed my son.  It was wonderful!  Number one son is doing very well.  Making his parents proud.  He has made a good transition into college life and dorm living.

I also got to go on a quilting retreat.  I sewed and slept and talked and laughed.  It was fun and I even got to feel cold MN wind.

Best of all I got to see lots of friends that I miss.  I didn't get to see everyone that I wanted to, time flew by.

Hubby, Baby Girl and dog all did fine in my absence. They were pampered by the very welcoming community here.

I have been back now a couple of nights, my sleep is still messed up. I did errands today and I forgot how aggressively they drive here.   The trees are changing now in my back yard, it is very pretty and very wet.


  1. ISU as in Illinois State University? My old stomping ground.
    Maastricht my favorite town in our trip to Holland several years ago. (Hubby was born in Amsterdam and hadn't been back until then.)
    The world is really such a small place.

  2. Read through some of your past posts, guess you meant Indiana State University. Oh well, same neighborhood. :-)

  3. KQ Sue, thanks for stopping by. It is Iowa State...another "I"state.

  4. Nice to see you at guild! Parlez-vous francais??

  5. Same neighborhood. Poor Idaho over by it's self.